SaunaLife Model G4 Outdoor Home Sauna Kit
SaunaLife Model G4 Outdoor Home Sauna Kit
SaunaLife Model G4 Outdoor Home Sauna Kit
SaunaLife Model G4 Outdoor Home Sauna Kit
SaunaLife Model G4 Outdoor Home Sauna Kit
SaunaLife Model G4 Outdoor Home Sauna Kit
SaunaLife Model G4 Outdoor Home Sauna Kit
SaunaLife Model G4 Outdoor Home Sauna Kit

SaunaLife Model G4 Outdoor Home Sauna Kit


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SaunaLife Model G4 Outdoor Home Sauna Kit

Model G4 The SaunaLife GARDEN-Series Model G4 modular outdoor home sauna kit lets you create an authentic, premium-quality Scandinavian sauna in your backyard.

Spacious and Comfortable

The 6-person Model G4 outdoor home sauna provides a spacious backyard wellness escape big enough for friends and family. Smooth, two-tier I-shaped satin-finish aspen benches allow bathers to sit higher in the room for a more intense sauna experience. Natural light emanates from the full-glass front and large side window, accentuating the spaciousness of this sauna and highlighting the natural beauty of the wood.

Built to last a lifetime

This authentic Scandinavian sauna features a premium-quality spruce exterior to keep you protected from the elements and ensure a lifetime of enjoyment. The weatherproof sloped roof manages rainwater efficiently to keep your sauna warm and dry. Its lockable framed tempered glass door closes confidently and securely, using professional-grade hinges and corrosion-proof aluminum handle.

Precise engineering

The Model G4 sauna kit is brilliantly engineered to create an outdoor home sauna with the quality of a custom-built cabin. Ingenious interlocking exterior spruce wall sections fit tightly together – like the construction of a log cabin – providing incredible strength and rigidity. The structure’s base extends to a rugged front porch, ensuring a stable and secure entry into the sauna.

Beautifully illuminated

The calming beauty of the natural wood adds a layer of serenity to your sauna experience, and the soft illumination from indirect LED lighting will elevate this effect. The Model G4 includes a low-voltage, waterproof white LED lighting system that uses app-based Wi-Fi, allowing you to set the perfect ambiance. A hand-held remote control is also provided for on/off/dim operation. This heat and water certified (IP67), SaunaLife features dotless LEDs for a modern, upscale appearance.

Aesthetic beauty

The SaunaLife Model G4 is both modern and rustic, complimenting any home’s backyard. Distinctive design elements add visual excitement to the exterior and create a warm and inviting interior. The quality of the craftsmanship is evident throughout, with special attention panel fitment and construction quality. The full-glass front entry is beautifully framed, which showcases the luxurious interior.

The Model G4 outdoor home sauna is designed by SaunaLife and precision-crafted in Northern Europe, where sauna bathing is a healthy part of everyday life. Enjoy a lifetime of wellness in your own backyard and Live the SaunaLife!


Model G4 Outdoor Home Sauna Kit

• Premium Nordic Spruce wall beams (1.75” thick)
• Modern and airy outdoor sauna appeal
• Engineered for simple DIY sauna installation (2-persons, 2-days)
• Interlocking-beam construction allowing for natural expansion and contraction and exacting fit
• Solid grade-A Aspen benches for bather (1.1” thick bench tops, no knots)
• Upper bench skirt to conceal under-bench views and comfortable lower bench sauna bathing
• Full clear tempered glass front (5/16” thick)
• Side clear tempered glass window for the ideal nature sauna experience (5/16” thick)
• Reversable door and front glass elements to suit any backyard oasis
• Reversable side window to customize the ideal layout
• White LED bar light system with Wi-Fi app and remote-control operation
• Aluminum locking door handle
• Grade-A Aspen backrest (no knots)
• Dual-level seating options to suit all bathers
• Mood setting interior LED dimmable bar lighting system
• Wi-Fi app or remote-control lighting operation
• Slanted roof with self-adhesive waterproofing system
• Up to 6 bathers
• Exterior height - 97” (front) and 85” (back)
• Exterior depth and width at foundation - 97” deep (includes modifiable 16-½" porch) and 81-½" wide
• Exterior depth and width at roofline - 111-½" deep and 98” wide (eave to eave)
• Interior depth and width - 78-½" deep and 78-½" wide
• Interior height - 92” (front) and 82-½" (back)
• Designed by SaunaLife and handcrafted in Northern Europe


Package Contents - Premium Nordic Spruce wall beams (1.75” thick), Prefabricated window and door elements

Benches of grade-A Aspen (1.1” thick bench tops, no knots), Backrests of grade-A Aspen (no knots), White LED light bar system (Wi-Fi or remote controlled), Bench supports, Air exhaust vent
Nordic Spruce floorboards, Treated ground frame, Terrace floorboards, Nordic Spruce Roofboards, Roll-on self-adhesive asphalt roof kit, Exterior trim, Fasteners, Assembly kit, Installation instructions, White LED light bar (1), Wi-Fi, app-based operation, Wireless handheld remote & mounting cradle, 90W power supply. Driver, 30’ light cable. Mounting clips, articulating (3), Mounting clips, flush (3), Installation instructions

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  • Product Weight - 1650 lbs
  • Interior Product Length/Width - 78"W
  • Interior Product Width/Depth - 78"D
  • Interior Product Height - 85.2"H
  • Exterior Product Length/Width - 97"W
  • Exterior Product Width/Depth - 85"D
  • Exterior Product Height - 97"H
  • Glass Style - Clear, Tempered
  • Window 1 Dimensions - 30 1/8"W x 3"D x 74 13/16"H
  • Window 2 Dimensions - 30 1/8"W x 3"D x 74 13/16"H
  • Door Dimensions - 31 1/2"W
  • Door Handle Dimensions - 19.6"L x 1.25"Diameter
  • Glass Thickness - 3"
  • Shipping Weight - 1650 lbs
  • Shipping Length/Width - 101"W
  • Shipping Width/Depth - 89"D
  • Shipping Height - 102"H

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