Steamist TSSH ShowerSense Valve

Steamist TSSH ShowerSense Valve


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Steamist TSSH ShowerSense Valve

A perfect complement to Steamist’s Total Sense Home Spa Collection, the TSSH ShowerSense Valve works in harmony with the TSC-450 and TSC-550 Digital Controls and allows the bather to select from either of two water temperatures programmed to the bather’s personal preference. At the touch of the control, this precision valve can direct as much as 9.1 gallons of water per minute through up to three outlets, including a shower, body spray, rain shower, waterfall, or hand shower. Temperature accuracy of within 2°F ensures total comfort throughout your bathing experience. The ShowerSense valve is both temperature compensating and pressure balancing to optimize bather comfort and installs easily in any position behind the wall.


  • For use with the TSC-450 Digital Control
  • Temperature and pressure balancing to optimize user comfort


Dimensions - 5.25"W x 1.5"D x 11"H


Installation and Operation Manual (PDF)

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