Ventis HE325 Large Double Door Wood Burning Fireplace
Ventis HE325 Large Double Door Wood Burning Fireplace

Ventis HE325 Large Double Door Wood Burning Fireplace


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Ventis HE325 Large Double Door Wood Burning Fireplace

The HE325 is a large-capacity unit that features non-catalytic technology for a clean burn and a stainless-steel secondary-air system, which improves gas combustion. The retractable doors create an unrivaled experience, and the unit includes a blower for additional heat circulation. The Ventis HE325 large-sized, double-retractable door, wood-burning fireplace is the perfect hybrid between a decorative and high-efficiency fireplace recommended for heating larger spaces between 750 - 2,500 sq.ft. This unit is approved for mobile home installation with fresh-air intakes. The firebox is lined with molded refractory bricks for better heat distribution. This unit has a 9-hour maximum burn time, can hold 18" logs, and is EPA 2020 approved.


  • Designed mainly for heating
  • Large, high-efficiency fireplace among the most powerful on the market
  • Retractable double doors for an unrivaled experience
  • EPA 2020 certified
  • Non-catalytic combustion technology
  • Installation authorized on the Island of Montreal
  • Firestop made of high density insulation board
  • Ventis distinctive louvers
  • 176 CFM blower included
  • Molded refractory stones
  • 6" Ventis stainless steel anchor plate included
  • Fresh air intake adapter included


Premium quality blower included (CFM) 176 CFM included
Certified according to applicable standards CAN/USA accredited laboratory
Combustion technology Non-catalytic
Stainless-steel secondary-air system Yes
Flue outlet diameter 6"
Recommended chimney diameter 6"
Type of chimney CAN/ULC S629, UL 103 HT (2100 °F)
Minimum chimney height 15"
Overall dimension (Width) 41 3/4"
Overall dimension (Height) 49 1/8"
Overall dimension (Depth) 28 7/8"
Door type Double, glass with cast iron frame
Door opening size (Width) 20 3/4"
Door opening size (Height) 10 1/4"
Glass type Ceramic glass
Glass surface - W x H 18 3/4" x 11"
Firebox size (Width) 18 7/8"
Firebox size (Height) 16 7/8"
Firebox size (Depth) 17"
Maximum log length 18"
Log positioning Loading over width
Baffle type Ceramic panel
High-efficiency certified appliance Yes, EPA 2020 approved
Canadian Standard (emissions) CSA B415.1-10
USA Standard (emissions) EPA
Canadian Standard (safety) ULC S610
USA Standard (safety) UL 127
Warranty Lifetime limited
Shipping weight 530 lb (240 kg)


Fuel type Dry cordwood (16" recommended)
Recommended heating area 750 - 2,500 ft²
Overall firebox volume 3.0 ft³
EPA loading volume 2.61 ft³
Maximum burn time 9 h
Maximum heat output-dry cordwood 85,000 BTU/h
Minimum overall heat output rate 18,057 BTU/h (5.29 kW)
Maximum overall heat output rate 49,654 BTU/h (14.55 kW)
Average overall efficiency-dry cordwood (HHV) 65.7 %
Average overall efficiency-dry cordwood (LHV) 70.8 %
Optimum efficiency 72 %
Optimum heat transfer efficiency 68 %
Average particulate emission rate 0.99 g/h
Average CO 50.1 g/h



Installation and User Manual (PDF)

Appliance Dimensions (PDF)

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